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Junior group clinic sessions at the Enfield Tennis Club

Our extensive junior tennis programs are designed with all junior play abilities in mind. Juniors can begin participating in our programs as young as age 3 ½, and can continue all the way through high school.

We offer 8-week group junior clinic sessions beginning just after Labor Day and continuing through June. Private or semi-private lessons can also be arranged for your junior player.

In addition to our clinics and lessons, juniors can further practice their skills via court time reservations with family or friends, hitting with one of our ball machines, or by participating in our many special events and tournaments scheduled during vacations, school holidays and at other times throughout the year. During the summer, we also offer a Sizzling Summer Tennis Program. See our Special Events section for details on upcoming junior events and our Sizzling Summer section for details on summer programs.

The following is a schedule and general description of our group junior clinic offerings. We encourage you to call or stop by to discuss your junior’s specific tennis needs.

Eight-week sessions for the 2017-18 Season run as follows.  Note that players can get in at any time during the session as long as there is room available in the class.  We will just pro-rate the session price for you.

Session 1: September 11 - November 5

Session 2: November 6- December 22 (no classes Nov 23; This is a 7-week session for all days except Thursday, which will be a 6-week session)

Session 3: January 2- February 25. (Thru March 18 for High School classes.)   All classes will be an 8-week session except Mondays will be a 7-week session.  High School Session 3 will be an 11 week session until March 18.  Sun 2/4 class time to be adjusted to earlier in the day for Superbowl fans!  Classes will be held during school vacation week.

Session 4: February 26- April 22.  No classes Sunday April 1.  All classes will be an 8-week session except for Sundays will be a 7-week session.  Classes will be held school vacation week.

Session 5: April 23 - June 17.  No class May 26-28.  Tues, Weds, Thurs & Fri classes will be an 8-week session; Sat, Sun & Mon classes will be a 7-week session.

Racquet Rookies(ages 3.5 to 6)
Future Stars I, II & III (ages 5 to 12)
Middle School 101(ages 10 to 14)
Future Stars I & II, Middle School 101 Match Play
Excel (Formerly called Tournament B) (ages 11 to 16)
Excel Plus (formerlay called Advanced Tournament Track Excel Match Play
High School 101
Excel A High School (formerly called Tournament A)

High Performance

Our Racquet Rookies program is offered to our youngest tennis enthusiasts (ages 3 ½– 5) in both 30 and 45-minute classes. The Racquet Rookie program focuses on the basic movement, catching, throwing, hitting and balance skills necessary to begin to play tennis. These classes are currently offered:

  • Wednesday 3:30 – 4:00 (4:15) pm
  • Thursday 4:30 - 5:00 (5:15)
  • Friday 3:30 – 4:00 (4:15) pm
  • Saturday 9:30 - 10 (10:15) am


Director Michael Myers leading a junior group clinic session at the Enfield Tennis Club

Our Future Stars program is designed for beginning juniors, aged 5 – 11 years. This class meets for one hour weekly. Special drills and games present tennis fundamentals in an exciting way which builds skills in hand-eye coordination, basic tennis strokes, and love of the game. Students must be able to carry on a sustained rally with the red ball in order to advance to Future Stars III.  Students must be able to carry on a sustained rally with a green ball on a 60' court to advance to the Excel level groups.  Future Stars classes are currently offered:

  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 3:30 pm
  • Tuesday @ 3:30 pm (Future Stars III only)
  • Tuesday, Thurdsay, or Friday @ 4:30 pm
  • Saturday 9:30 or 10:30 am

Juniors participating in our Future Stars II & III clinics are also encouraged to supplement their lesson with some of our Future Stars Match Play clinics.  Players participating in Future Stars who add Match Play to their weekly schedules are eligible for a reduced rate for the Match Play program.  Players must register via our front desk.

The Middle School 101 clinic also meets for one hour weekly, and is designed for students aged 11– 14 who are new to the game! Classes are available:

  • Monday @ 4:30 pm
  • Wednesday @ 4:30 pm
  • Saturdays @ 11:30 am

Our Future Stars and Middle School Match Play uses cooperative, competitive drills & games to enhance the offensive, defensive & footwork skills needed for match play. Students will be divided into groups to play matches/strategy games at the appropriate level. Match play currently meets:

  • Friday 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Our Excel (formerlyTournament B) is a 1 ½ hour clinic for students aged 11– 16 that wish to reach their full tennis potential. The focus in this group is on strategy, tactics and drilling. Our current Excel offerings are:

  • Tuesday 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday 4:30 – 6:00 pm
  • Thursday 4:30 – 6:00 pm
  • Friday 4:00 – 5:30 pm
  • Saturday 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

All juniors participating in our Excel level clinics are also eligible to participate in 4 of our Friday Excel Match Play clinics per 8-week session for free.  Sign up required via our front desk.

Our Excel Plus (formerly Advanced Tournament Track) group is an invite only group for students who show drive and determination. These students are generally on the path to play in competitive USTA Tournaments. The Excel Plus group currently meets

  • Mondays 4:30 - 6 pm or
  • Wednesdays 5:30– 7:00 pm

The Excel Match Play group meets for 1 ½ hours weekly (ages 10 – 16). This instructor-led group uses cooperative and competitive drills and games to enhance the offensive and defensive skills necessary for tournament play. Students will be divided into groups to play matches at the appropriate level.  Students may participate in this group alone or in addition to other clinics (such as Excel or Excel Plus) The Match Play clinic is currently offered:

  • Friday 5:30 – 7:00 pm

We also offer several high school specific and more advanced junior clinics as follows:

Our High School 101 group meets for 1 hour weekly and teaches the game of tennis to high school aged students who have little to no tennis experience. Classes available:

  • Mondays 4:30 pm, or Wednesdays 4:30 pm

Award winners at the Enfield Tennis Club

Our High School Excel A Group (formerly Tournament A) is for experienced high school (or nearly high school) players. Sessions are offered weekly for 1 ½ hours. Currently, these clinics are scheduled:

  • Monday or Thursday 3:00 – 4:30 pm
  • Sunday 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Participants in our High School Excel A programs are also eligible to participate in our Friday Night Mixer on the 3rd Friday of every month for FREE!  Must register in advance with our front desk.  Junior may participate in other Friday mixers by paying a $23 drop-in fee.

For all of our 8-week clinic programs, students are allowed one make-up per session due to illness or other reason.

For those players looking to practice their skills on their own, we do have a ball machine available for use, and offer a special discounted court rate for our junior members who book a court on a “same-day” basis.

Our High Performance groups are for the skilled player really looking to fine-tune their game for tournament play.  Placement in these groups are on a try-out basis only.  Contact us for more info or to arrange an evaluation. Currently, these clinics are scheduled:

  • Sundays 9 - 11 am, Mondays 7 - 9 pm,  or THursdays 4:30 - 6 pm